• Our Pecan Orchard

    We grow a lot of different crops at Brock Family Farm, but everything revolves around our true passion -- pecans. Our small acreage supports both native and improved variety cultivars which are intensively managed with sustainable methods.
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  • Extended Growing Seasons

    We have extended our growing season by adding an aquaponics system housed in a 13 x 60 hoop-style greenhouse. We are able to produce clean, nutritious produce almost year-round.
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  • Lots of Good Stuff

    As part of our integrated farming practices, we have incorporated various systems into our orchard to help with soil improvement and fertility. Poultry is a big component in our ability to produce high quality food products from our orchard... and the eggs are a nice PLUS!
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Our mission is for our family to operate a self-sustaining small-scale farm, growing and providing nourishing, naturally grown food while promoting healthy lifestyles, partnership with the land, and strengthening the economy in Grayson County, Texas.


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Our Goals Are:

  • To provide a supportive income for our family from our farming endeavors
  • To connect people to their food
  • Educate consumers of the importance of family farm raised, local food
  • Establish hands-on educational experiences for youth
  • Strengthen our local economy through purchasing locally whenever possible

We Value:

  • Family, incorporating our children into our business
  • Local, naturally grown food
  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Respect for the land and our livestock
  • Utilization of our local resources
  • Sharing knowledge and skills
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