Type 2 Diabetes

My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago.  This was a total wake-up call for us and essentially put us on the path to researching a healthier lifestyle.   Our family physician was not very encouraging; he handed Robert the prescription for Metformin along with a high blood pressure medication and diuretic.   He also directed him to take a “baby aspirin” each day and then wrote out a prescription for Lipitor.  When asked if there was a way to control Type 2 diabetes and all of these other ailments with diet and exercise to forgo this new list of drugs being dished out, our trusted family doctor said, “Yes, but I’ve never seen anyone be successful at it.” 


You mean there is a safer, more effective way to treat type 2 diabetes through nutrition and exercise and you aren’t even going to offer it, share any help or guidance… you just want to jump straight to the pills?  We were shocked, and a bit disappointed that we had put our trust in a person and a system that had so little faith in us.  It’s really not his fault… his life experience has shaped his diagnosis and treatment model.  Remember the first page of this section?  I said, “Take Ownership of your Life”.   So many people have become convinced that they do not have this option… that only a highly trained professional can solve their problems.  There’s only one huge fatal flaw with thinking this way… you are not their only patient… they have 100’s .. maybe 1000’s of patients to manage (notice I didn’t say cure), so individualized care is out the window.  They have to do what generally works for the greatest number of people.   So if you are grouped in with a lot of patients who do not want to take ownership and personal responsibility for their health, you will get the same treatment they will receive.

This is when we knew that we were on this journey alone.  No healthy diet recommendations, no changes in lifestyle addressed.. just take the pills and get on with what is left of your life.  Nevermind the possible side effects, or the fact that none of these are a cure for the root problem…. they are merely treatments for symptoms… and as we continued to learn more about the causes and recommended treatments, we found that the medications are not even sound symptom treatments.

It was probably a blessing in disguise that we were not offered support by the medical establishment — soon we learned that most of the information being  disseminated was based on faulty, antiquated and misguiding information.   I’m not by any means suggesting that the healthcare professionals mean to do us harm, but in a sense, they really just don’t know any better.  They are basing their treatments on the information they were taught.  Unfortunately, most were only given a piece of the information in medical school and unless they made efforts to go beyond their training, they just don’t know what they don’t know.   It has been very difficult for me to wrap my mind around the idea that someone with the amount of intelligence, endurance and skill required to complete medical school might have a shortfall in a critical piece of the puzzle.  However, it just appears to be so, and I hope that some day this will change, for the sake of all of the people who are searching for answers and looking to the people who we were told would have those answers for us.