Leaving In A Hurry – How To Secure Your Home Before “Bugging Out”

While most preparations are centered around being at home, there is always the possibility that you could have to evacuate, and in a hurry. Many events can trigger a mandatory evacuation warning including a severe weather event, chemical spill, uncontrolled fire, floods, mud slides, explosion, gas leak, terror event.. and so many other things. You may have a little time to prepare, but in the event that you don’t, it’s best to have a good plan so you can get moving quickly.

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Protecting Your Animals From Predators

Raising animals, especially smaller stock like chickens and rabbits, can be challenging. There are many predator animals as well as domestic animals that will take advantage of any weakness in your defenses to kill and eat (or in some cases as with domesticated dogs, just kill) your animals.

There are some steps you can go through to help prevent losses and live a more harmonious life in the country.

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Managing Icy Roads, Driveways and Walkways

When the icy weather hits, many people think they need to put out salt-based products to prevent slipping on the ice. However, this is not the best choice. When the salts get washed off of the surfaces and into the soil, they wreak havoc on the soil, plants and water sources they drain into. This is a bad practice for the environment in general.

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