Tips For Preparing Venison and Other Big Game

The tips provided in this post come from the best recipe book I have found for cooking wild game.  It is called Wild Harvest Cookbook, published by Bass Pro Shop.


Containing less fat than almost any other variety of meat, venison and other big game are good choices for good health and good taste.   The great thing about cooking with it is that it can be prepared just about any way that other meats can, with only a little more care in tenderizing.  Ant the taste is the ultimate reward for this added care.


All game should be served hot!  Venison and similar big game steak chops and cutlets should be salted after broiling as a rule.  This helps to conserve the pieces, in addition to keeping them moist during the cooking process.

Be careful not to mask the flavor of wild game with overpowering sauces or too much gravy.  If you wish to downplay the flavor, it is preferable to marinate it a bit longer.

If you have neither the time nor the ingredients to marinate game meat, cover it with yogurt and let it stand for an hour or more at room temperature, then wipe off.


Before cooking venison, soak it in vinegar and salt water to remove any wild game taste.

When grinding venison for “deerburger”, add beef fat, making the mixture 80% venison/20% beef fat.  The meat will cook better and taste better since deer meat has virtually no fat.

It is better to use less tender cuts of meat for deerburger and save the better cuts for steaks and other recipes.

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